Akothee: “My Life is In Danger”

Kenya’s renowned singer and businesswoman Esther Akoth well known by her brand name, Akothee, has claimed that her life is in danger, forcing her to seek tight security from police officers to her destination.

According to the mother of five, who had been lately in her home county, Migori, she is fearing for her life as she further alleges that some unknown group of men seem to be on a mission to hunt her.

She revealed this information through an Instagram post she made on her stories, where she shared a short video clip of the police car that was escorting her as shown in the link below.


Barely three months ago, the CEO of Akothee Foundation, dubbed the president of single mothers claimed that some Migori politicians were not happy with her visiting her hometown who see her as a threat through various projects she runs in the county.

Prior to the sunset of 2023, the singer threw hot water on the back of the leaders in Migori county, dusting the manner in which they carry responsibilities to the people of Migori who elected them to be their representatives in the government.

However, she distanced herself with politics saying she is never salivating for any single political seat.

She wrote:

“Well Migori this evening I will speak. No one can intimidate me or Limit me. I built my brand outside politics without any politicians support 🙏 some of them even never wanted to associate with me during the time I was building my brand. Most of them saw me as a joke” Akothee said in a social media post.

She added;

“I am not in Migori to replace anyone. I have no interest in County politics I am doing the job I am good at doing and what I was appointed for 🙏. Mapenzi inikoseshe usingizi na halafu local side shows za politics pia iniitoe Roho 🤔”.


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