Georgina Njenga Hints A Reunion With Ex-husband Baha

YouTuber Georgina Njenga, the ex-wife of Tyler Kamau Mbaya aka Baha, has hinted at a possible reunion with her baby daddy should a chance present itself on a silver plate.

When asked during an exclusive interview with Kioko, the mother of one expressed her feelings of loneliness ever since splitting with Baha, adding that she inhibits a nostalgia for the life she shared with her baby daddy.

Yeah, of course, but life happened, things happened, so we move on. One thing about life is life moves on; life keeps going on. So even if I miss him, those are memories, and at least Astara (her daughter with Bahaa) will grow to say that we were there,” she said.

Georgina Njenga looking stunning in black. PHOTO|COURTESY

Expressing her expectation of their dead relationship, Georgina showed optimism of seeing some sun rays lighting up into their relationship to revive it again.

She stated,

I think I’d say you never know with life. You can’t plan life. Today, I could have planned not to get back together, and tomorrow we get back together, or I could say we can’t get back together, and we do. Or I could say we might get back together, and it doesn’t happen. But, of course, destiny holds its place, so maybe someday.”

During the session, she was queried about her most recent post where she vowed a possibility of dating broke men. She clarified her values and self-belief, stating, “it was actually a question. I believe in hard work, and I totally believe in growing with someone. I just don’t believe that paying bills is a role ya gender.”

Georgina also discussed her current relationship status, stating that she is single but not actively searching.

I am on the market… still single but not searching… I am on the market to find myself and grow,” Georgina added.


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