Mulamwah And Ruth K Disclose Hidden Truth in Their Love Tale

Kenyan comedian David Oyando, known as Mulamwah has taken his online family for a brief tour of his love journey with his beautiful lover Ruth K.

In a recent, raw intimate Q&A session with their fans, the duo unveiled their personal experiences in their love, unclothing the growth and development they have unanimously achieved as an infant family.

Moreover, the couple also shared about their exciting expectations on their journey towards parenthood as they still expect to welcome their bundle of joy, which will make an addition to that family to solve the equation; (1+1=3) and not 2.

Mulamwah, joyfully described Ruth K who seems to be the only sugar in his cup of tea, as too social with him which has made the bond between them even covalently stronger than they both expected during this moment they are expectant.

We’ve bonded so much,” confided Mulamwah. “Before you, I’d only seen pregnant women in pictures. The feeling of being with you, waiting for the baby, traveling together – it’s epic. I’ve never experienced anything like it.” Stated the comedian.

Opposing the existing notions installed into people’s minds that the couple excessively shows off their love journey, Mulamwah putting it in black and white, added that they don’t intend to prove love to anyone but to focus on building a formidable connection with his one and only.

Photo: Mulamwah and Wife Ruth K, Hanging Out

He added.

“It’s not about proving anything to anyone.”

Mulamwah emphasized.

“It’s about connection, understanding, and growing together.”

Ruth K, on her turn to play cards, responded to Mulamwah’s query about her initial attraction, saying that she saw beyond the public persona of the funnyman. She revealed that the act of Mulamwah being real distinguished him from the rest of the men on the market.

“I connected with the real you,” she declared.

Regardless of Mulamwah’s conceiving lame relationships in the past, Ruth K revealed that the past love encounters in Mulamwah’s bitter love story did not prevent her from being enticed by the goodness in his personality.

Once more, the two lovebirds of the same feathers vowed to keep flocking together in pursuit of better greener pastures of their sweet love.


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