Kenyan Murder Suspect Apprehended in Nairobi After Months on the Run

Kenyan authorities have successfully apprehended a 40-year-old man accused of murdering his girlfriend at Boston Logan Airport in the United States last November. The suspect, whose identity is being withheld pending confirmation, was taken into custody on Monday night at a club in Westlands following a tip-off from vigilant members of the public. He is currently detained at Gigiri Police Station, where investigations are underway to piece together the events leading to the tragic incident on November 7, 2023.

The victim, identified as Margaret Mbitu, a Kenyan nurse, was discovered lifeless in her car at the airport’s parking lot. Detectives from the Massachusetts State Police promptly initiated investigations, revealing that the prime suspect had fled to Nairobi shortly after committing the heinous crime.

In a collaborative effort between US and Kenyan law enforcement, an arrest warrant was issued for the accused, prompting an appeal to Kenyan authorities for his location and extradition. The suspect, who had managed to elude capture for three months, was eventually placed on an Interpol Red Notice—an international call for law enforcement globally to locate and provisionally arrest the individual pending legal actions.

Upon his arrest, officers involved in the operation disclosed to the press that they are awaiting assistance from their US counterparts to positively identify the suspect and establish his profile. Once positively identified, the Kenyan authorities will initiate the extradition process in accordance with international legal procedures.

The connection between the suspect and the crime was reinforced when US police confirmed that the car found in the parking lot belonged to the apprehended individual. Margaret Mbitu’s body, discovered with visible knife wounds on the neck, face, and chest, added to the gravity of the situation.

Margaret Mbitu, 31, was discovered lifeless on November 1, 2023, around 6:30 pm in Boston’s Logan International Airport parking lot.

In an effort to expedite justice, Mbitu’s grieving family urged the police to accelerate the ongoing investigations. The victim’s mother revealed that her daughter had been contemplating a breakup with the suspect before the tragic incident unfolded. The motive behind the alleged murder remains a focal point for investigators, as they work to provide answers to the grieving family and bring the perpetrator to justice.

Throughout the investigation, US police released photographs of the suspect to the public, seeking assistance in locating the fugitive. The successful arrest in Nairobi is a testament to the collaborative efforts of local and international law enforcement agencies.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the Kenyan public remains attentive to developments in this high-profile case, underscoring the importance of international cooperation in addressing transnational crimes and ensuring that justice is served for the victims and their families.


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