Gachagua Urges Unity In Mount Kenya Region, Calls For Political Leaders To Focus On The Work

In a recent meeting with Nyandarua Members of County Assembly, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua emphasized the importance of addressing pressing challenges facing Kenyans, urging leaders to focus on youth unemployment, drugs and substance abuse, and economic issues. Gachagua cautioned against being fixated on political matters, particularly succession discussions, stating,

“Let us not be transfixed with childish politics of succession, of elections. We have barely come from elections, one and a half years. People want services. Let us refrain from those issues(politics).”

The deputy president appealed to regional leaders to unite under President William Ruto, as agreed upon during the campaign period, and work towards delivering services to citizens. This plea comes amid a growing challenge from a faction of lawmakers within the Mt Kenya region, with Kiharu lawmaker Ndindi Nyoro emerging as a potential challenger to Gachagua, who was handpicked as the ruling party’s deputy presidential flag bearer.

The jostling for the running mate slot has seen internal conflicts, with Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki initially considered the preferred candidate during a conclave by senior UDA politicians. However, Gachagua asserted, “Those scheming to divide the region should know that the people of Mt Kenya are intelligent and are aware of what is happening,” emphasizing the need for unity and focusing on development.

Kikuyu elders have also weighed in, urging Gachagua and Nyoro to set aside their differences for the sake of unity. Wachira Kiago, the national chairman of the Kikuyu Council of Elders, expressed concerns about external forces undermining Gachagua and creating instability in the political landscape. The elders offered to broker a truce between the two leaders, emphasizing the importance of a singular coalition to unite the community.

In response to recent remarks by Nyeri and Murang’a Senators on 2027 succession politics, Gachagua warned the lawmakers to refrain from politicking on matters of Mount Kenya’s leadership and instead focus on their county oversight role. He dismissed their comments as mere ‘limelight excitement,’ stating,

“Those who were elected on UDA and Kenya Kwanza, we agreed to focus on development and to be cautious of their pronouncements because some of them go to media, they get excited, are lost and start talking meaningless things.”

Second Term MP for Kiharu Constituency, Ndindi Nyoro, CBS during a previous public event Image: Courtesy

President William Ruto echoed Gachagua’s sentiment, cautioning leaders against engaging in succession politics and urging them to concentrate on delivering services as per the Kenya Kwanza manifesto. He stated,

“Especially leaders in Kenya Kwanza and UDA, I want to ask them to step down any contestations for whatever positions – present or future – so that we can work.”

A section of Mt Kenya MPs, however, is pushing for Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro as a possible 2027 running mate, potentially throwing the race wide open. The MPs, attending the burial ceremony of the late Joseph Langat, expressed support for Nyoro, citing his loyalty to Ruto and his performance in various capacities, including chairing the Budget and Appropriations Committee.

While Gachagua remains a frontrunner, there is a growing debate within the Kenya Kwanza camp about Ruto picking Nyoro as the new deputy in 2027. The MPs emphasized Nyoro’s popularity in the region and urged him to continue building his political profile.

The push for Nyoro as a potential running mate has created divisions within the ruling party, with some leaders advocating for fairness and accountability in the nomination process for the 2027 election. Murang’a Senator Joe Nyutu and Gatanga MP Edward Muriu have endorsed Nyoro, citing his popularity and contributions to national politics.

Nyutu stated, “We will request Ruto to choose a young person from Murang’a who is Ndindi Nyoro,” highlighting the importance of impartiality in the nomination process.

As the political dynamics in the Mt Kenya region continue to unfold, the call for unity, development, and a focus on delivering services remains crucial. The coming months will likely see further maneuvering and discussions within the ruling party as leaders navigate the intricate landscape of succession politics.


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