Willy Paul Issues A Clear Message to Women Following Demise of Starlet Wahu

Celebrated secular musician Willy Paul alias ‘Pozee’ has sent a strong piece of advice to women who don’t have money but want to parasitically depend on men to have fun, following the death of socialite Starlet Wahu.

The singer, sounding concerned, asked women to cultivate their hard work into money, warning them against seeking dangerous shortcuts likely to land them in trouble and shorten their lives.

Willy Paul, via his Instagram story, said that women should not succumb to social media pressure that makes them believe it’s possible to hang out with rich men with fat pockets. As long as it’s not your hard-earned money, Willy Paul emphasized in his piece of advice that women need to run away from normalizing the act.

He said:

“Women sio lazima form, kama huna pesa kaa home. Avoid these friends who tell you, ‘he has a car we’re picking you up.’ Social media pressure should not kill you please. Go out there and hustle the right way. Taking shortcuts will shorten your lives. It’s never too late to start a fresh. I am not the right person to give such an advice but remember God uses even a thief to pass a message.

Photo: Willy Paul’s Instagram Story

His sentiments consequently came hours after news started circulating online that popular Instagram model and Pastor Victor Kanyari’s younger sister, Starlet Wahu, was brutally murdered at an Airbnb in Nairobi by a man she went to have a paradise of a night with.

Even as the DCI’s pledge to conduct a thorough investigation concerning Wahu’s sudden demise, the man alleged to be behind her death, identified as John Matara has been reportedly detained at the Industrial Area Police Station for three weeks to give room for the investigation.


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