Mzazi Willy M Tuva Joins Forces With Bunny Asila In Aid Of Magix Enga

Media personality Mzazi Willy M Tuva and gospel musician Bunny Asila have joined forces with the aim to aid the struggling musician and producer Magix Enga. This comes a few months after the music producer cried out to Kenyans for support following his financial constraints.

On January 2, the Mseto East Africa presenter teamed up with Asila and took a bold step to visit Magix enga and his family in Nakuru. The duo was accompanied by a team of content creators and well wishers including Presenter Kai. They pledged to support the music producer come back to his feet and start providing for himself and his young family.

Credits: Mzazi Willy M Tuva’s Instagram.

The group’s visit went beyond a simple visitation as they took with them packages of goodies to support the producer and his family. Tuva took the opportunity to express the main objective of the visit which was to fully comprehend the producer’s current situation and come up with a concrete plan to uplift him.

The radio presenter acknowledged the producer’s contribution in the music industry and urged Kenyans to put an end to their negative attitude towards Enga. He asked Kenyans to come out to the musician’s aid as he is in dire need of support.

Asila seconded Tuva and noted that the musician needed a second chance. He promised to work hand in hand with the presenter in order to bring the music producer out of his current situation.

“Everybody deserves a second chance asanteni kwa the brothers tumekua na time poa sana ya kuchapiana na kujua shida iko wapi na tutapiga kazi,” the gospel artist confirmed.

In 2023, Enga came out to explain his situation to cyber citizens and expressed his struggles as he sought for help. Considering that he had already welcomed a new born, the situation was tough on his end as he could not provide for his young family. He claimed that he had been struggling with rent arrears of his newly established studio which led to its closure.


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