Kenya Marks 60 Years with President Ruto Praise Ceremony

Nairobi, Uhuru Gardens – In a momentous celebration marking Kenya’s 60th Independence Day, President William Ruto lauded the monumental strides achieved through constitutional reforms since the nation gained independence. Speaking at the festivities on Tuesday, Ruto emphasized the significant advancements, terming the growing independence of key institutions as a tremendous achievement.

The President underscored the transformative impact of the new constitutional order, which was promulgated in 2010. He highlighted its pivotal role in contributing to Kenya’s development, emphasizing the country’s unwavering commitment to democratic values and institutional maturity.

“It is clear that we have made undeniable progress on many fronts, and, as a result, our nation has come a long way in the right direction,” remarked President Ruto, inviting citizens to reflect on both achievements and challenges faced over the years.

Ruto specifically commended the evolving political landscape, citing a bipartisan approach to tackling national challenges as evidence of the transition to issue-based politics. “Our political culture has evolved considerably. We are committed to ensuring that our democratic competition is less about personalities and tribes and more about issues and the national interest,” he stated.

The President emphasized the pivotal role played by the 2010 Constitution in shaping the nation’s institutions and fostering checks and balances. According to Ruto, the autonomy granted by the Constitution has resulted in clearly defined party positions on critical national issues, facilitating structured bipartisan engagement across the political divide.

Addressing the Judiciary, Ruto hailed it as the nation’s foremost anchor of the rule of law, noting its enhanced capacity in realizing protections accorded to all citizens under the law.

“To complete this framework of institutions designed to safeguard and promote constitutionalism and the rule of law, our constitutional commissions and independent offices have evolved to discharge their mandate constructively in support of good governance,” added President Ruto.

As Kenya marked its 60th Jamhuri Day, Ruto urged citizens to rededicate their efforts to values that have shaped the country’s journey since independence, with a particular emphasis on national unity and collaboration.

The celebration saw the attendance of numerous foreign dignitaries, including Hussein Mwinyi, President of Tanzania’s semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar, who represented Tanzania’s President Suluhu Hassan. Ethiopia’s President Sahle-Work Zewde and Burundi’s Vice President Prosper Bazombanza also graced the event, with Uganda’s Deputy Prime Minister Rebecca Kadaga representing President Yoweri Museveni.

In their remarks, the foreign dignitaries commended Kenya’s cooperation with its neighbors as highly valuable. Mwinyi specifically hailed Kenya’s contribution to Tanzania’s economy, emphasizing its significant impact on Foreign Direct Investment. President Zewde pledged redoubled efforts to further strengthen existing ties between the nations.

As Kenya celebrated six decades of independence, President Ruto’s reflections and commendations underscored the nation’s commitment to democratic principles, institutional growth, and collaborative efforts in addressing both national and regional challenges.


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