Carol Sonnie Throws Shade at Ruth K and Mulamwah’s Traditional Wedding

Carol Sonnie, Mulamwah’s baby mama has trashed the union of Mulamwah together with Ruth K which recently happened in a colourful traditional wedding.

Following her breakup with Mulamwah that left an uproar between them, there have always been uncountable incidences where the duo have faced public spats against each other. The counter-accusations against each one of them have never ceased even though they have both moved on.

However, the breakup between the two seems to have left wounded scars in Carol Sonnie’s heart, whose pains come freshly whenever she is made to have a memory of their past love.

This is doubtlessly confirmed by her reaction to a question raised by a fan during a live session of Q&A on Wednesday, November 29, with her fans.

During the session, one fan inquired to know whether or not, Mulamhwa supports his daughter. Sonnie remained silent, but her facial expression said it all. Upon being asked about the wedding between Mulamwah and Ruth K, Carol Sonnie reacted ridiculously; sounding as if she belittled her ex-boyfriend for one of the most significant events of his life

That aside, Sonnie also confirmed to her fans that she has found new love where she has been adventuring. When another curious fan asked her to show them her new lover, Sonnie boldly called him to come out so he may say hello to her fans, but her man failed to budge.

“Come so that they can see you,” she said to someone off-camera.

She further justified her man’s failure to come out, saying it’s nothing except for the fear of being on camera.


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