5-Possible Causes of Relationship Fallout

One’s social circle can be regarded as the chief cornerstone that unanimously holds a given society. Imagine a society where everyone treats you with good morals, the same way they’d expect to be treated in return! Therefore, it’s worth emphasizing that when you’re sufficiently lucky to find yourself in a blossoming harmonious relationship, that circle of relatives may be a supply of huge happiness to you.

Nonetheless, it isn’t abominable that numerous families still undergo painful moments of disintegration. Such splits know no factor to skip camping into anyone’s family. Regardless of your age, level of education, tribe, etc., you can still face the wrath of breakups within the borders of your household or even beyond.

But what are some of the reasons that birth fallouts in our relationships?

Just but a few, they include:

Communication breakdown

It’s impossible to relate with someone without activating channels of communication between/amongst you. Communication is the fuel that motivates people to understand the feelings, ideas, and diverse viewpoints that everyone holds towards any aspect of life.

For a healthy relationship, communication has to be a bedrock. It will strengthen the bonds between you and scarcity of it erodes intimacy, trust, and the bond which breaks in the end.

Photo: Courtesy/ Couples Looking Stressed and keeping off the channels of communication


If the relationship is intimate between the parties involved, infidelity is therefore the murderer of that kind of relationship. No one likes to be cheated upon, it also sweeps away trust and emotional bonds finally ending in divorce or separation.

Financial strain

Gone are the days when the phrase ‘money isn’t everything’ effectively voiced the world. Nowadays, money is everything. Lack of money or scarcity of it has caused discord inside households.

This is because, as time goes on, the pressure to earn grows too. The pressure of coping with family expenses, debt, and long-term monetary desires can consequently create adversarial surroundings, regularly main to conflicts and, in severe cases, divorce.

Drug and Substance abuse

Most people who abuse drugs and substances have been troubling their partners. Many times, they have been violent and too abnormal in handling their partners.

Staying with persons addicted to such behaviors is arguably hectic. It’s therefore worth noting that drug and substance abusers are catalysts of their relationship breakups.

Photo: Courtesy/Couples Looking to be Angrily Arguing

These are just but a few scenarios, there are others like unresolved conflicts, domestic violence, different beliefs and values, and etcetera.

In conclusion, everyone needs to be aware of these causes of fallouts in relationships. Recognizing those root reasons is an eye-opener to addressing and mitigating them. Once you’re able to identify these causative factors, you can exploit ways to open conversations, search for expert assistance who can help you handle it before it explodes


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