12 Red Alerts Of A Cheating Partner

Do you suspect that your partner is cheating? If your guts tells you that your lover is cheating, you might be right. The following are possible signs of a cheating partner:

Improved appearance.

Everyone has his or her normal appearance that their partner is used to. If your partner suddenly changes their appearance especially when going out, they might be cheating.

Overusing phone, laptop or computer.

If you notice that your partner is mostly using their phone , laptop or computer secretly, they might be cheating. They may also restrict you from touching these devices and secure them with pins, passwords and patterns whereas previously they never did so. Additionally, they can delete their browsing history and messages daily. They may also start going with their phone in the bathroom.

Unanswered calls.

Mostly when your partner is cheating, they may not answer your calls or even messages. Additionally , they may be unreachable while claiming to be on a business trip. Ask for clarification when this happens.

More or less sex tactics.

They may increases or decrease their levels of sexuality or sex techniques. They might be learning the new tactics from the other lover or even showing low levels of sexuality since they are thinking about their other partner.


Cheaters always try to put the blame on the other person. They tend to see everything you do as trash. The things that seemed not to bother them at first becomes an issue.

Sudden change in schedule.

When your partner starts claiming to work late at night more often and yet they have never done so before, they might be cheating. They may also excuse themselves with low batteries and traffic jams. Ask them to clarify everything.

Friends distance themselves.

During the cheating, the victim is always the last one to know that they are being cheated on. Your friends might have known it before you. The friends of your partner are always the first ones to know because they are mostly together and probably with the person you are been cheated on with. Due to the guilt, they may distance themselves or they become excessively nice towards you in order to cover up their guilt.

More unexplained expenses.

If you notice sudden disappearance of cash from your account or even withdrawals that are not defined, your partner might be cheating. You may ask them to explain and if their answer is still questionable , it might be a sign of infidelity. Cheating is expensive since you need money to please the other partner.

They are around less of the time than usual.

This is because they have to make time for the other lover. If you notice this, you may request them to clarify since they may not be cheating but rather busy at work.

Accusing the culprit of cheating.

Some cheaters may start accusing you of cheating in order to shift the blame of their infidelity. This makes them to give excuses like needing time away in order for them to find time for meet ups with their lover.

Giving more gifts than usual.

Cheaters use this as a defense mechanism for them so that in case they are caught cheating, you will defend them since they made you believe that they love you so much. Even though every partner surprises their lovers with gifts, cheaters exaggerate the act.

Pretend to be concerned by your schedule.

They may start enquiring on your current location and the time you will report back home whereas previously they never cared about that.

Note that your partner may show all of the above signs yet they are not cheating. This is because they can be indications that something is wrong and it needs to be handled urgently before your relationship comes to an end. They may also depict none of the above signs and still be cheating since there are serial cheaters.


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