8 Ways Of Coping With Body Shaming

Body shaming has become rampant among men and women in today’s society. This form of bullying is experienced when people criticize your body size, shape, skin color, height, way of dressing, stretch marks and scars and sometimes even disability. It commonly happens online and offline and it can negatively affect ones mental health. Below are ways of coping with body shaming:

Body positivity.

This is accepting and understanding that you must feel good about your body because it is important for your mental health. Just love yourself no matter your appearance and love what you have but not what you are missing. No one is perfect and you should show confidence in yourself. Practice to respond positively to anyone who tries to body shame you. Tell them you like your appearance and your body your choice.

Accept and don’t hide.

The victims of body shaming usually isolate themselves and cover their bodies. If there are places and situations that makes you uncomfortable, try your best to overcome them and with time you won’t hide anymore because you have accepted yourself.

Be honest.

Some people especially friends and family members may body shame you without knowing. Engage in an honest talk with them and express your feelings. If they don’t stop that habit, stop hanging around or having deep conversations with them because they will just hurt your feelings.

Never respond.

Ignoring makes the other person to rethink on what they just commented about you. This treatment works well when you are avoiding negativity and arguments. Say something at the moment your friends or family members body shame you and tell them to never repeat it in future. Ignore those who comment rudely and don’t give them attention.

Be thankful for what you have.

Instead of wishing for what you are missing, be grateful for what you have. Good health and life is the most important thing in your life than a flawless body.

Control your social media platforms.

These are the main sites of cyber bullying. If someone comments negatively on your site, cut them off and unfollow them. You can also follow body fitness pages if your aim is to be physically fit. Avoid reading and responding to comments on your social media if you are a victim of cyber bullying. Don’t give any of them attention.


You shouldn’t be your own bully too and therefore be kind to yourself and love your body more and more. Take care of yourself and focus on your good qualities but not perfection. Don’t let people’s negativity get into you and therefore detach yourself from their comments.

Be responsible and accountable.

You have to be open to yourself on the possibility of having something wrong with your body. The comments especially from family may be out of concern for example, your parents may comment that you are getting fat. This is may be out of concern considering that it can cause obesity and therefore increasing your risks for developing diabetes and heart diseases. Be accountable and responsible because it is all about your health.

If you are a victim of body shaming, you don’t have to see yourself the way others depict you. Take your time, accept yourself and look good and healthy.


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