Why Women Stick In Toxic Relationships

Have you ever being in a toxic relationship? If you have never, you might be wondering why some women persevere in toxic and abusive relationships. The following are some of the reasons:

Questioning their self- worthiness.

Most abusive men tend to constantly mock their women’s appearance. This makes the woman to think that she is worthless and she does not deserve to be happy and therefore she continues to stay in a toxic marriage or relationship.

Partner’s and family reputation.

Women who are married to prominent and successful men in the society tend to persevere abuse in silence. This is because they fear that it may affect their partner’s reputation or even the society may not believe them. They may also be blamed for ruining the family’s image.


Most abusive men tend to separate their women from their family members and friends. Sometimes it is not physical separation but rather asking the woman to choose between him and her family and friends. A woman can also isolate herself and avoid telling her loved ones the truth about her toxic marriage or relationship.

Financial constraints.

Women who have kids but are jobless may be forced to stay in the toxic marriage for the husband to continue supporting them financially. Their abusive men may also try to bring down every business they try to establish.

Society and family expectations.

In most families where they claim to be ‘religious’ and cultured, one is forced to persevere in their marriages whether it is toxic or successful. There are also women who were brought up in abusive families and this made them to believe that abusive relationship is normal. If one leaves their marriage, they end up being blamed and judged by the society.


Most women put their children first before they think of their safety. They persevere abuse for the sake of their needs and also for them to have a father figure. They may go through physical and mental abuse but still choose to stay.

“The man will change.”

Many women desire to help and love their partners with the hopes that they will change them. Most men use the caring and loving approach to appease the woman to stay in marriage and this is the honeymoon phase of the cycle of abuse. These women also think that loyalty and love will make their men to change.

Fear and threat.

Some women fear to leave their partners because they are dangerous. Some also threaten to kill them, themselves, kids and even family members. They may also threaten to withdraw the financial support.

Distorted thoughts.

Being controlled and abused can be traumatizing and therefore leading to doubts, self-blame and confusion. These women are frequently harassed and abused making them to feel guilty or desperate. Their abusive men blames them for everything and they start believing that they were the ones who were wrong.

Before you judge a woman in toxic marriage or relationship, take your time and give her a chance to speak out.


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