Akothee Sends Apology to Miguna Miguna, Explains Reason for Dumping Omosh

“After God and Women, Fear Miguna. Sorry for being rude bro I was in love, I meant well,” Esther Akoth started off her long post, feeling remorseful for having overreacted to controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna.

This came after the singer, in the few past months, didn’t welcome the pieces of advise and mountainous concerns she ever received from countrymen who questioned the state of her love with her former husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer.

In a post on Facebook, Akothee explained out that she was masked in a vulnerable situation which blinded her from seeing meaning from Kenyans who questioned their union. In a few words, the singer was a true meaning of the phrase that goes, ‘love is blind’.

In her post, Akothee admitted:

“Three people you can never advise in life; a woman in love, a woman ready to settle down, a woman in need of a family…I had no support from family nor friends, On several occasions I have felt like selling everything and going to hide somewhere no one would find me. I kind of felt alone in a world full of people. I found solace in Denis. He looked like the exact perfect match for those few months.”

Additionally, she clearly said she wasn’t able to withstand the pressure love gave her, having allowed love to swim through her veins not to be cautious of any red flags.

“I can say I ignored all the red flags, I convinced myself that this particular one was the right one for me. I was and still is innocent. I have forgiven myself for being naive, honest and stupid. But that doesn’t define me as a person. I won in most cases, I lost in this one it’s okay,” she said

She finally openly disclosed to fans, about the exact genesis of their breakup saying it all began immediately after their honeymoon. For her, she came into conscious in time to save nine.

“If I continued with the narrative of staying in this marriage after all that I know now, my life would have been shorter than the shortest verse in the bible. I had to protect myself and my sanity the rest is history. It is well,” she concluded.


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