Actor Pascal Tokodi Discloses Why He Stopped Acting for A Year

Kenya’s loved and celebrated actor Pascal Tokodi, well know as Nelson in the Selina series has opened up on reason for taking a 1-year break in acting.

Tokodi, who is also a singer, revealed that the time was high for him to dedicate his time to his lovely daughter, Jasmine Airah Lenguro Tokodi, who according to him, needed him most.

“The last project I did was last year June, which was Disconnect on Netflix, and then I took a break to focus on my baby. Having a child is the most beautiful thing, and I’m an overthinker, so I had to sit there.” He said.

He spoke highly of his bundle of joy and the excitement he gets upon being together with his daughter. Further, Tokodi applauded his betrothed wife, Grace Ekirapa, for her endless support that she has been giving to them.

“AJ, to me, is someone I want to spend every single morning, lunchtime, and evening with, and I felt I should give her one year of my time before everything else gets busy.” He added.


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