“Mnikomee!” Akothee Warns Migori Political Leadership

Esther Akoth better known globally as Akothee warned Migori county leadership against early campaigns, adding that she feels extremely disheartened with a section of the county leaders.

Taking her sharp sentiments on her social media handle, the singer threw cold water to a few leaders within the county who she termed to be stagnating developments in the region.

“Well I am very disappointed in migori leaders. You mean you people are already campaigning for 2027 when migori has been drugging behind for years. Only known for throwing stones, veneral diseases and bad sexual behaviors. Come this election come that election nothing is changing in the face of Migori.” She wrote.

Calling out honourable Mark Nyamita and county woman representative Fatuma Mohamed, Akothee asked representative leaders to work for the people of Migori who elected them and stop dancing into the tunes of early campaigns.

She added:

“With your selfish interest in fulfilling your ambitions and not for the people. Is it not too early to start compainining? When will you people work for the people who elected you. And now You want to put me in your mix of Supremacy.”

The singer has, however backed up the County Governor Ochilo Ayacko for the good deeds, expressing more hopes in his leadership. This is consequently fueled by the healthy relationship she has with governor Ochilo Ayacko


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