Manzi Wa Kibera’s Aged Boyfriend Denies Impregnating The Socialite

Kibera socialite, Manzi Wa Kibera is on the spotlight after her aged lover disclosed that he didn’t sire the socialite’s unborn child. The news comes in a few days after the lovebirds publicized their pregnancy.

The old man spilled the beans in an interview where he denied to have fathered the vixen’s child. He further accused Manzi Wa Kibera of engaging in distinct affairs which could have led to the pregnancy.

“Mimba si yangu…” the 67 years old claimed.


Last week, the pair shared photos and videos which showcased the socialite’s growing baby bump. The two danced happily to their new journey of being parents together. In one of the snaps, the old man held the social media influencer’s tummy further showing protruding belly.

Netizens are yet to believe the old man’s narrative as they think the pair is only chasing clout as it’s their norm. In the past, the couple have parted ways severally each of them accusing the other of causing their fallout. However, the duo always find a way of reconciling and rekindling their love.

What’s your take on the couple’s pregnancy? Do you think it’s real or it’s just a stunt?


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