Magix Enga Pleads For Help

Renowned music producer Magix Enga has appealed for help due to his current financial constraints and unemployment.

Via his Facebook page, the music producer shared a snap holding his baby fast asleep as he otlined his struggles and failures. Despite his popularity in producing hit bangers, Enga revealed that has not gained anything from the songs. The producer who doubles as an artist, lamented on fellow artists taking advantage of him and failing to compensate him after collaborating with them.

“Some of the artist that I did collabo with them took advantage of Me.Most of the songs that I produced I.e (dundaing ,watoto na pombe Otile brown ft Enga and maja , mapenzi hisia)and many others which am not benefiting from them,” Enga wrote in part.

In a heartbreaking revelation, the producer noted that he is currently struggling to provide for his one month old baby boy. Enga is also suffering a major blow after his studio was shut down due to rent arrears. He outlined major hits in Kenya like “Mamiondoko” in which he claimed to have gained no coin from it

“Right now am writing this I have 1 month baby boy whome is depending on me .I tried to pull myself together but the studio I was working,it was shut down because of rent issues.I still believe that am the best producer. For instance Gengetone beats people loved them i.e the most treading song is Mamiondoko which I have not benefited from it,Digidigi from Arrow boy that has more than 10,000,000 views I have gotten even a single cent from it,” the producer continued.

The ‘Watoto Na Pombe’ hit producer concluded by pleading with President William Ruto to come to his aid and assist him in any way possible, starting by salvaging his music career. He also revealed that he’s currently unemployed as he shared his personal contact in which well wishers would reach him.

“Currently I don’t have a job.Our president DR.William Samoei Ruto I can urge You to please help me in whatever support You can starting from music industry to my colleague.My numbers are 0704872170,” he wrote.

At the tail of 2022, the music producer was captured in a heartbreaking state as he disclosed his struggles with mental health and financial issues.


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