Khadija Kopa Trashes Diamond and Zuchu’s Relationship

Tanzanian Taarab artist Khadija Kopa has addressed the relationship between her daughter, renowned Tanzanian songbird Zuchu, and WCB Wasafi records CEO Diamond Platnumz.

Via an interview with Wasafi Media, Kopa indicated that Simba has not met all the necessary cultural requirements that will grant him officiation of Zuchu as his wife. According to their culture, for a man to be considered to be in a union with a woman, they must meet certain demands which includes dowry payment.

The musician let the cat out of the bag by indicating that Diamond has not made any efforts in meeting their traditional requirements. This makes their affair with Zuchu informal as the two can never be pronounced as husband and wife.

“Mahusiano yake siyajui. Mahusiano tunayojua sisi wazee wengine kwa utaratibu wa utamaduni wetu ni mtu akija kuposa,” Kopa claimed.

Kopa further stated that despite the pair publicizing their relationship, whatever exists between them remains anonymous to her. She advised young men to pursue her daughter as long as they meet the cultural demands in order to marry her. The declaration officially states that the “Honey” hitmaker is on market until a suitable suitor asks for her hand in marriage through dowry payment.

“Mtu ana pesa yake aje. Yeyote tu. Simba hajamuoa wala hajaleta mahari na wala si mchumba wake. Mtu yeyote tu anaweza kuja,” she declared.


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