Chaos in Meru: Kindiki Bans Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s Meetings

In light of recent incidents of violent disruptions at political events in Meru, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki made an assertive decision to halt any further meetings initiated by Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

The decision was announced in Meru after the Cabinet Secretary was apprised of chaos that had broken out during Governor Mwangaza’s community outreach program, known as Okolea. The program is specifically aimed at providing residents with donated items.

The tumultuous occurrences at these events, as reported to Secretary Kindiki, involved the governor’s own team members allegedly instigating unrest. It was claimed that they insulted attendees and engaged in physical confrontations with the apparent intent of shielding Governor Mwangaza from any dissent or criticism. These confrontations reportedly incited retaliation from those who felt attacked, further escalating the conflict.

While expressing his grave concern over the incidents, Kindiki made it clear that both the aggressors and those who retaliated were in violation of the law. He stressed the need for maintaining order and ensuring that political gatherings are conducted without any disruption or violence. The Interior Cabinet Secretary went on to emphasize his dedication to upholding law and order, vowing to deal sternly with any politician or group responsible for causing disturbances.

Speaking about the purpose and nature of public meetings, Kindiki advised politicians to adopt a peace-promoting stance. He stated that the objective of these gatherings should be to convey one’s political agenda and garner support in a peaceful manner.

He categorically denied any possibility of meetings that might engender chaos or violence. Drawing a parallel to previous actions against the violent protestors of Azimio, Kindiki warned against any plans for disruptive meetings, singling out a proposed gathering in Imenti Central as one that will be expressly forbidden.

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki

Reaffirming his commitment to ensuring a peaceful political environment, Kindiki directed law enforcement agencies to apprehend and take legal action against those responsible for the disruptions during Governor Mwangaza’s event. His directive underscores the government’s zero-tolerance policy towards any form of violence, especially when it jeopardizes the rule of law.

He made a clarion call to all, including political leaders from every rank and affiliation, to adhere strictly to legal and peaceful conduct.

Subsequent to these events and as a direct consequence of the chaotic disruptions, ten individuals have been detained by law enforcement. They face allegations of destroying items meant for donation by the governor, causing injuries to eight police personnel, and damaging both county government and police vehicles.


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