Chief Sanitizer Suffers A Setback After TikTok Account Was Banned

A few days after Andrew Kibe’s YouTube account was banned due to violation of community guidelines, content creator Thee Pluto has also suffered the same blow after his TikTok account was banned for the same.

The content creator expressed his frustration through a video where he indicated that it’s hard to believe that he just lost his account which had already garnered 977K followers. He learnt about the termination while he was still at work. The disappointment was a great deal to digest and this forced him to ask his friend to take him for a long drive in order to cool his mind.

“So guys mimi sijui nilie, sijui nifanye nini. My TikTok account of 977,000 followers has been banned. Eh, wee, Ngai! Watu wangu nimekuwa kwa ofisi mi nimetoka nikaambia Mathenge wacha tu tuchukue long drive kidogo manze,” he said.

Pluto acknowledged that he had truly violated the community guidelines as he had repeatedly shared his personal contacts to three of his friends in his TikTok comment section. This was the main cause of the ban. Spamming is one of the TikTok violations and whenever a comment is detected to be spammy, the account is always at a risk of being banned.

“So what I did, mistake yangu ilikua nilicomment number yangu ya simu kwa two or three of my friends kwa comment section,” Pluto stated.

However, the father of one didn’t waste a second as he immediately opened a new TikTok account in order to continue disseminating content to his fans. The Chief Sanitizer also revealed that he had already appealed with the organization to reverse the ban and give back his account.


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