Akothee Urges Youth to Cut Coat According to Their Sizes

Controversial singer and activist Esther Akoth, dubbed the president of single mothers urges youth of this country to only live within the limits of what they can afford. She has reiterated that one is obliged to take care of their own bills before they can earn a status in the society.

“I would like to give young girls and boys a free advice. Live according to your means, stop renting huge houses costing 3/4 of your salary to maintain a status you don’t have. You must be able to take care of your bills comfortably before you earn a status.” Read in part of her social media post.

The singer who commands millions of following of about half the population of the entire Nairobi county, told people to dissociate from the habit of accumulating bills like rent adding that it earns nothing beneficial except for leading to destined eternal stress.

“You lack sleep not because you are stressed or depressed…Stop accumulating rents, you will end up being auctioned. Move to a house you can manage , you only need a bed a place to cook and a place to seat.” She wrote.

Regarding the influence inherited from friends whose effects in one’s life only makes life even unworthy of living, Akothee advised her fan base to completely run away from such association to be able to cope up with the acceleration of life.

“Delete anyone who pushes you to live a life you can’t afford. Things are getting tougher,” she also added, “It’s not bad to always start all over again. If you have lost a job, a deal or an investment, you are not alone, people have lost billions, and if you talk to any billionaire,they will tell you that at one point in life, they suffered a huge set back that prepared them for a come back.”

And that is her good morning message to her loyal fans


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