Senator Gloria Orwoba Faces Suspension Amidst Harassment Allegations

In a dramatic turn of events in the Senate, Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba finds herself at the center of a heated debate over allegations of harassment.

The controversy took an unexpected turn during a plenary session on Wednesday, September 20, when a report recommending Senator Orwoba’s censure was presented to the Senate.

The report, which was supported by a majority of male MPs led by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, found Senator Orwoba guilty of maligning the name of the Senate Clerk.

Senator Orwoba failed to substantiate the allegations against the Clerk, and it’s important for us to take a stand on that,” remarked Senator Sifuna

Sifuna emphasised the importance of substantiating allegations and suggested that Senator Orwoba had failed to provide concrete evidence for her claims.

“Those allegations remain unsubstantiated and therefore the punishment that has been proposed by the committee is something that I’m willing to support and I hereby support.” Sifuna added

However, the debate quickly escalated into a gender-based dispute, as female MPs countered their male counterparts. ODM Nominated Senator Hezena Lemaletian passionately argued that female leaders, especially young women, face ongoing challenges and harassment in the Senate. She called for a stronger stance against harassment, proposing increased penalties for perpetrators and more support for victims.

Senator Hezena Lemaletian
Photo Credit: X (@OfficialHezena)

Lemaletian’s sentiments were echoed by a group of female MPs who advocated for a multifaceted approach to addressing harassment, including education, awareness campaigns, and prevention measures, with Nominated Senator Miraj Abdillahi objecting the call for Ms. Orwoba to provide substantial evidence for the allegations against the Clerk arguing that Orwoba may have a legitimate complaint but failed to express it appropriately.

“There’s no way a woman can provide evidence of sexual advances. If I leave this House today and a man winks at me, how will I provide evidence for that?” she said

On the other hand, some senators argued against government interference in private matters, asserting that individuals should be responsible for their actions. Among the voices supporting the male MPs calling for Senator Orwoba’s suspension was Senator Beatrice Akinyi, who warned of the serious consequences of making allegations without substantial evidence. Akinyi emphasised the impact on the accused individual’s family and cautioned young female MPs against attention-seeking behaviours.

The complexity of the situation had earlier thickened when the accusations surfaced in August as Senator Orwoba herself addressed the Senate, revealing the challenges she had faced in her legislative role.

She accused an influential member of the House of targeting her for whistle-blowing on issues of favouritism and solicitation for sexual favours. Orwoba claimed that this retaliation had prevented her from participating in the United Nations’ 53rd Human Rights Council session in Geneva.

Senator Gloria Orwoba
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Orwoba further detailed a series of challenges she had faced, including the frustration of her bills, unauthorised allocation of an office, and even impersonation. She asserted that other legislators were also experiencing similar challenges orchestrated by individuals or offices operating as “cartels.”

The Powers and Privileges Committee now recommends Senator Orwoba’s suspension for six months for alleged gross misconduct, following her failure to substantiate claims of harassment and disrespecting fellow senators.

As the debate rages on, the Senate is grappling with the complex issue of harassment allegations, gender dynamics, and the appropriate response to such situations within its ranks.

Senator Gloria Orwoba’s case serves as a poignant reminder of the need for accountability, due process, and support for those who come forward with allegations of harassment.


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