Mary Moraa Proposed to By Boyfriend at JKIA

Love is surely a beautiful thing, and this is a testimony only shared by those committed to tying souls to eternity. Kenya’s World and Common Wealth Games 800m champion is the luckiest lady that can affirm the aforementioned phrase, having just received a marriage proposal from her boyfriend moments after she alighted at JKIA from duty.

The champion athlete’s boyfriend, revealed as Richard Langat, is now trending in the love circle for having swept Mary Moraa off the market in style.

Mr Langat, of all the beautiful places, chose to go down on his knees at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport where he had gone to pick Mary Moraa up, after his only bae alighted in the country.

Moraa, completely filled to capacity with emotions after her partner asked her to marry him, couldn’t hesitate to say yes, regardless of where the surprise found her.

It arguably became one of the most memorable days for Moraa to note down in the books of her memory that she’s the only sugar present in Langat’a cup of tea.

As history of their love tells it, the duo met in 2021 during the National Police Service Pass out in Embakasi and this was the very day the clock tickled for what would mark their lifetime journey.


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