Official Ruger Responds To Ruger Wa Kayole Impersonating Him

Normally, anyone who impersonates a copyright holder is always subjected to copyright infringement and faces the wrath of law. However, award-winning Nigerian Afrobeats artist Michael Adebayo known by stage name Ruger has decided to support his fellow artist despite coming from different countries and part of Africa. The artist has responded to his Kenyan duplicate, Ruger Wa Kayole, impersonating him where he confirmed that he has no problem with it.

Ruger addressed the matter during an interview with BBC Entertainment where he noted that his Kenyan duplicate is only trying to make his ends meet by using former’s personality and songs. He indicated that he has no problem with everything that Ruger Wa Kayole was doing with his brand.

“Fake Ruger is enjoying your life right now, I don’t know if you are aware bro. He’s actually booked to perform at shows…listen bro. He’s in Kenya you know are you aware? Fake Ruger is in Kenya, a great impersonator and he’s already been booked to perform shows in Kenya,” the host told Ruger.

In a rejoinder, the “Girlfriend” hitmaker indicated that he is happy for his duplicate as he wished him all the best

“I mean I’m happy for him, I wish him well,” Ruger replied.

Additionally, the artist noted that his doppelganger was only trying to make a living from the shows as he affirmed that he comprehended the situation at hand. He further acknowledged the fact that the fake Ruger was also promoting his songs as well as boosting his music career. He asked his followers to “calm down” and allow his duplicate do what he does best.

“No, no, no. He’s making his P’s. Everybody must eat because when my people were telling me have you seen this – No but I say man’s just tryna hustle you understand,” Ruger said.

He added, “he’s actually promoting my songs in a way, cause he’s not making his own songs and saying that’s Ruger who made the songs, he’s singing mine at the end of the day they’ll go back to their house and stream the songs. That’s the most important thing. I beg everybody should calm down.”


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