Kenya Power Reduces Token Prices Amidst Public Outcry

Following a series of complaints about high electricity costs, Kenyans have witnessed a drop in power token prices over the past two months, thanks to reductions introduced by Kenya Power.

Before these adjustments, there was widespread dissatisfaction among Kenyans regarding the cost-effectiveness of their electricity consumption.

A survey by indicated that as of September, Ksh1,000 now gives consumers 37.61 units, showing a positive shift from August when the same amount could only get 31.15 units. Additionally, for Ksh100, users get 3.76 units in September, which is an increase from 3.67 units in August and 3.59 units in July.

This decline in token costs aligns with remarks from Kenya Power’s CEO, Joseph Siror. He emphasized that electricity is currently the most cost-effective energy option in the country.

The drop in prices is particularly significant given Kenya Power’s recent tariff adjustments in April. These changes initially stirred apprehension among the populace, as there were fears of a price spike of up to 78%. During interactions with the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), Kenya Power expressed its plan to phase out subsidies that were in place to support low-income families.

This tariff update was the first of its kind since 2018, where the company increased power rates.

President William Ruto, during this period, tried to alleviate public concerns by reassuring that the discontinuation of subsidies wouldn’t cause a spike in the token rates. He stated, “I want to reassure the nation that there won’t be any extra costs now or in the future concerning electricity bills for Kenyans.”

Furthermore, on August 8, Kenya Power refuted claims made in the media that it had been exaggerating electricity charges by as much as 20%. The company explained that such reports were intended to misconstrue the actual costs of electricity and damage its reputation.


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