Kenya’s Green Revolution: Spiro’s Million EV Initiative

The Kenyan government has unveiled a landmark collaboration with Spiro, Africa’s foremost electric motorbike producer and clean energy advocate. This ambitious move aims to introduce over one million electric vehicles (EVs) across Kenya, emphasizing Kenya’s staunch dedication to green energy and eco-friendly transport.

Established just a year ago, Spiro has swiftly gained prominence in the African e-mobility market, extending its reach to nations like Benin, Togo, Rwanda, and Uganda. So far, they have launched close to 10,000 electric bikes which have cumulatively covered over 90 million km of environmentally-friendly journeys, averting more than 5,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Moreover, Spiro’s aspirations are not limited to just transportation. With about 350 battery exchange and charging facilities spread throughout Africa, they are leading the charge in developing a sustainable transportation energy infrastructure. This recent partnership with Kenya will see Spiro inaugurate another 3,000 battery exchange and charging sites, reinforcing Kenya’s EV groundwork.

President of Kenya, H.E. William Ruto, remarked on their strong intent to bolster climate initiatives by integrating sustainable energy technologies in their transport. Jules Samain, Spiro’s CEO, commented on the alignment of their visions with Kenya to address climate challenges, boost public health, and heighten the profitability of Boda Bodas, especially against rising fuel costs.

The move to electric motorbikes from conventional fuel bikes brings a plethora of advantages, notably for short-distance commuting. This shift is set to diminish greenhouse gas releases, offering a lasting answer to Kenya’s transport conundrums.

Elaborating on Spiro’s energy self-sufficiency, Samain emphasized their battery tech combined with Kenya’s local energy, which minimizes fossil fuel reliance, expediting Kenya’s route to energy self-reliance.

Spiro’s CMO, Dominique Nkurunziza, highlighted this as a pivotal phase in Kenya’s green evolution, where a growing populace transitioning to EVs not only minimizes carbon emissions but also creates a more eco-friendly milieu for Kenyans.

Positioned at the forefront of Africa’s clean transport revolution, Spiro, backed by substantial funding from Société Générale and Guarantco, is poised to redefine Africa’s transport framework, centering on environmental conservation, public health enhancement, and elevating the prospects of Boda Bodas.


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