Brown Mauzo Launches Hunt For Fifth Baby Mama

Singer Brown Mauzo has revealed that he is ready to find love again a day after announcing his breakup with socialite Vera Sidika.

Mauzo expressed his intentions to get a new partner through his Instagram page. He revealed that he is ready to fall in love again at any given time.

“‘Brown, do you want to fall in love again?’ Sure. Today, tomorrow, now…loves comes to you,” he wrote.

Screengrab of Mauzo’s Instagram.

In his insta stories, the musician shared a screengrab of one his fan’s reaction on his break-up with the socialite. Referring to Mauzo as “father Abraham”, the fan claimed that the fallout could be a stunt considering that the singer had recently revealed that he has four baby mamas.

In a rejoinder, Mauzo furiously asked the fan to mind his business since none of his sisters was among the four baby mamas. He concluded by enquiring whether the fan had a sister so that he could add her as the fifth baby mama.

On Wednesday, the musician announced that they have decided to part ways with the mother of his two kids, Princess Asia Brown and Ice Brown. In one of the posts, he pleaded with his fans to give them ample time to heal. Judging from his latest post, it seems that he has already healed as he is ready to find the new lucky babe. As per Diana Marua’s hit, “fom ni kuoga na kurudi soko”.

After Mauzo shared the much-predicted news, the unbothered mother of two posted her snap on board as he headed to an unidentified destination. She advised her fans to “catch flights not feelings.” After a few hours, she revealed that she was visiting a friend at New York City in the United States.

“Catch flights, not feelings. Guess my next stop,” Sidika’s Instagram post read.


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