Businessman Edwin Ochieng Oduk Released on Bail Amidst Colossal Fraud Allegations

Edwin Ochieng Oduk, a prominent businessman, is raveled at the center of a web of deception that led to his arrest on allegations of swindling a French national of a staggering $89 million. The alleged fraud, which involved a fictitious minerals deal spanning across multiple countries, has captured public attention and legal scrutiny.

Oduk’s ordeal began when he purportedly convinced the victim, identified as Freshman William Tuil, that he had the means to orchestrate the release of an eye-watering $81 million from an elaborate fabricated account. The funds were said to be destined for transfer from Gabon to Ghana and then Rwanda in the form of cash.

“Upon opening the boxes they were found to be stuffed and filled with stones, gravel and pieces of tiles (instead of cash) and his actions were meant to lure and defraud the complainant of his money,” officer told the court.

Apparently, Oduk later claimed that Kenyan authorities had confiscated the money, leaving the victim William Tuli in disbelief and financial turmoil.The intricate nature of the alleged scam unveiled itself in court proceedings that gripped onlookers.

Oduk’s arrest prompted a legal battle between the prosecution and defense, with the prosecution seeking a seven-day detention period to solidify their case. They argued that the extension was necessary to thoroughly scrutinise Oduk’s electronic devices and track down other individuals believed to be involved in the scam, who were still at large.

“The court be pleased to issue custodial orders against the respondent herein to be detained for five days (7) days at Kilimani Police Station to allow Police Inspector Nicholas Njoroge attached at DCI Headquarters Operations Support Unit, complete investigations into a case of conspiracy to commit felony contrary to section 393 of the penal code,” proposed the case’s investigating officer during court proceedings.

However, a counterargument emerged from the defense, shedding light on a potential oversight in the case. It was revealed that investigations hadn’t commenced before Oduk’s arrest, despite a report having been filed.

This revelation challenged the necessity of Oduk’s detention and suggested that investigative work could still proceed without his confinement.

The decision rested in the hands of Kibra Senior Principal Magistrate Charles Mwaniki, who, after careful consideration, offered Oduk a temporary reprieve. Magistrate Mwaniki granted the suspect a cash bail of Ksh. 500,000 and stipulated a crucial condition: Oduk is required to present himself daily at 9 AM to cooperate with ongoing investigations over the next seven days.

The court’s ruling highlighted the principle that individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty and underscored the importance of due process. While the prosecution sought extended detention, the court found insufficient grounds to warrant such a step.

The conditions attached to Oduk’s bail seem to strike a balance between preserving individual liberties and ensuring the integrity of the investigation.

As the legal saga unfolds, legal experts and the curious public will closely follow the case’s progress. The outcome will provide insights into the strength of the evidence against Oduk and the effectiveness of the conditions set by the court in maintaining the integrity of the investigation.

The allegations against Oduk have generated considerable interest due to the complexity of the scheme and the staggering Ksh.12billion amount involved. The case exemplifies the modern challenges that law enforcement agencies face in investigating and prosecuting financial fraud, especially when it spans across multiple jurisdictions.

The release of Oduk on bail raises questions about the evolving landscape of financial crime and the mechanisms in place to ensure accountability. While his release might be seen as a temporary relief, it also signifies that the legal process is following established protocols to ensure fairness.


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