Akothee Speaks On The Speculated Affair Between Azziad Nasenya And CS Ababu Namwamba

Kenyan flamboyant musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth alias Akothee is now breathing flames of fire and she called out trollers who have been speculating on the alleged romantic relationship between Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba and content creator Azziad Nasenya.

In a lengthy bitter post, Akothee indicated that Azziad and the CS are two grown up persons who can do whatever they want whenever they feel it’s suitable for them. She asked the critics to stop attacking the content creator as she is not their competitor but a “baby” who is trying to fulfill her dreams.

“Azziad has never declared to be anyone’s wife , She is just but a child , KENYANS ,AZZIAD IS A BABY PLEASE 😭😭.Not your competition,” the Facebook post read in part.

Akothee confirmed that she has interacted with the alleged love birds in the past and she could at least defend Azziad. After the dating speculations heated the waves of social media, she prompted to reach out to the talented media personality to inquire if they were actually dating. In response, Azziad reaffirmed that there was nothing between her and the CS as she was busy working on her career.

“AZZIAD is like my daughter, When things Got tight I reached out to her ,
She has no idea why Kenyans plant The CS on her and my words to her
“Mummy ,and what is wrong by dating the CS if he is single and ready to mingle,
I told her if you like him. & He likes you Go for it kwani ni kesho” her words
“No mommy, we have nothing, Currently I am working on my career”, Akothee wrote.

According to the mother of five, there are more crucial things that Kenyans should switch their mind to not only focusing on negative uncorroborated information about others.

“As A mother, I feel Kenyans are becoming too much . This can’t be the daily headline. We have more serious issues to attend too,” Akothee stated.

The statement comes merely a week after Namwamba denied the allegations on dating Azziad. However, he felt sorry for the media personality because the ongoing rumours have tarnished her name.


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