Victor Wanyama Reacts To Speculated Involvement In Siring Morgan Bahati,

Kenyan footballer, Victor Wanyama, has expressed displeasure after online users alleged that he is Morgan Bahati’s biological father.

Musician Kevin Bahati’s family recently shook the waves of social media with portraits of family photoshoot goals. The snaps were captured during the celebration of Bahati’s and Diana Marua’s second child’s birthday.

Credits: Bahati’s Facebook.

However, the event took an unpredictable turn when a doctored version of one of the snaps surfaced online. The edited image depicted three renown personalities in Kenya inserted next to three of Bahati’s kids. Wanyama was inserted next to Morgan Bahati, braggy artist KRG The Don next to Heaven Bahati and filmmaker and content creator Abel Mutua next to Majesty Bahati.

The digitally manipulated image went viral and as some of the netizens shared it widely. It quickly attracted almost everyone’s attention, including the inserted personalities. Wanyama spotted the photoshopped snap and reacted in displeasure as he retweeted it. The footballer condemned the action as he outlined his frustrations.

“This foolishness needs to stop now!” the footballer wrote.
The message portrayed by the edited image is fuelled by speculation claiming that Wanyama is Morgan’s biological father due to their close resemblance. In the recent past, “Adhiambo” hit song video vixen hinted on the possibility of Bahati turning out not to be the biological father to his kids. This is after the two had a disagreement due to Bahati allegedly failing to pay her after the video shoot.

Netizens are keenly waiting for the Bahatis to respond to the allegations as the online DCIs continue to unveil Diana Marua’s past life and alleged family.


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