ODM Responds to Malema’s Remarks on Kenya Protests

ODM, the Orange Democratic Movement party, has responded to comments made by South African opposition leader, Julius Malema, regarding Raila Odinga and the recent anti-government protests in Kenya. Malema had criticized Odinga, stating that President William Ruto was democratically elected, and rebuked Odinga for causing disruptions in Kenya.

In a statement, ODM secretary-general, Edwin Sifuna, expressed his belief that Malema lacked an understanding of Kenya’s complex political landscape and accused him of falling victim to Kenya Kwanza administration’s propaganda.

Sifuna highlighted that Kenya faces unique socio-political challenges and electoral issues, different from post-apartheid South Africa, which Malema is more familiar with. He pointed out that Kenya has been marred by electoral fraud and government oppression, resulting in a questionable democratic environment with disputed election results.

While acknowledging the similarities between the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) and ODM in fighting government oppression, Sifuna clarified that the recent protests in Kenya were primarily focused on high taxes, the rising cost of living, and the government’s unwillingness to listen to the people’s grievances.

In response to Malema’s previous message congratulating President Ruto on his contested election victory, Sifuna emphasized that Odinga refused to concede defeat and has been leading anti-government protests to address these issues.

Despite their differences, both leaders’ factions have agreed to participate in another round of bipartisan talks, led by former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, in an attempt to resolve their disputes and work towards national stability and progress. Prior talks in April and May had failed, with each side blaming the other for sabotaging the dialogue.

Sifuna extended an invitation to Malema to visit Kenya and gain a firsthand experience of the challenges faced by Kenyans, hoping it would lead to a better understanding of the situation.

In conclusion, the situation in Kenya is complex, with deep-rooted issues that require careful consideration and dialogue to find a sustainable solution and pave the way for the nation’s progress.


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