Former PM’s Bodyguard Found Dumped, Sparks Outrage

Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s bodyguard, Maurice Ogeta, was found dumped along Kangundo Road after being missing for over two days. According to Phillip Etale, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Communications Director, Ogeta was released from police custody shortly after 1 am on Saturday, July 21. He was blindfolded during his release and left in Ruai, unaware of his surroundings. Ogeta’s car was vandalized, but he was grateful to be alive despite the ordeal. The incident left him shaken and in shock.

Prior to Ogeta’s release, Raila Odinga had denied reports that his bodyguard had been set free, emphasizing that they were still searching for him. The High Court Judge Lawrence Mugambi had directed the Inspector General of Police, Japhet Koome, to present Ogeta before the court following an urgent motion filed by Ogeta’s family seeking information about his whereabouts. The court’s directive was aimed at allowing the family and the court to understand the reasons for his detention.

Ogeta had been arrested on July 19 while on his way to work ahead of nationwide protests led by the opposition. The specific reasons for his detention remained unclear, and the police and other investigative agencies had yet to respond to the allegations regarding his mistreatment.

The situation had caused concern and led to demands for his release from both Raila Odinga and the opposition, who were resolute in ensuring that no one was left behind. The circumstances surrounding Ogeta’s detention and subsequent release raised questions about human rights violations and the need for transparency and accountability within the law enforcement agencies.


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