Diamond Platnumz’s New Collaborations and Escapades in the Entertainment Scene

Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz is making waves in the entertainment industry once again with exciting news of upcoming collaborations and recent escapades. The Bongo star recently addressed accusations of copying music from Nigerian artists and also survived a nerve-wracking incident in a malfunctioning elevator. Let’s dive into the latest developments in Diamond’s career and personal experiences.

Addressing Accusations of Copying Nigerian Music

Diamond Platnumz has fiercely responded to critics claiming that his music samples songs from Nigerian artists such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, Asake, and Spyro. The ‘Jeje’ singer defended himself against the baseless accusations, attributing them to jealousy over his success. He emphasized that similar sampling by Nigerian artists is praised as innovative, but when he does it, he faces criticism.

In his statement, Diamond pointed out that if Nigerian artists were truly copying his music, they would have explored Tanzanian Bongo music, which he considers unique and challenging to replicate. He also highlighted how Nigerian artists have embraced genres like Amapiano, showcasing their ability to diversify their sound.

 “Niko angani to TORONTO CANADA, naskia huko duniani kila nyumba, Club. Chochoro na kona ya Mtandao Gumzo ni Enjoy® . Hayo Mengine niachie.”

Mie….Ukisikia Mtoto anapiga kelele ujue bakoraiimemuingia!…Maana Wakifanya Wengine, utaskia Magenius Wanaakili Wamesample, tukifanya sie tumekopi! Wangekua waumiza vichwa

“Kweli wangeimba Mangaka, lizombe au Lingunjumu Ngoma na miziki ya kwetu…Mbona wameenda Kudandia Amapiano? tena zakuandikiwa… Nyenyenye! Nyenyenye! Fyuuuuu,” said Diamond

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond’s response was an unapologetic defense of his music and career, indicating that he remains focused on his success and is not bothered by the critics’ allegations.

Upcoming Collaborations with American Singers

In a recent announcement that has left fans thrilled, Diamond Platnumz revealed that he has two ‘heavy’ collaborations with prominent American artists. The three-time BET nominee promised to continue delivering hit tracks and is set to release these highly anticipated collaborations in August.

Diamond’s Insta Stories Post

Having previously worked with renowned American musicians such as Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, Rick Ross, and Omarion, Diamond’s collaborations have always captivated a global audience. With these upcoming projects, fans can expect nothing less than sensational music that transcends borders and cultures.

A Scare in the Elevator

Diamond Platnumz, along with fellow musician Juma Jux and their teams, experienced a terrifying ordeal when they got trapped in a malfunctioning elevator. The incident, which Diamond shared on Instagram, saw them stuck inside the lift for several minutes, leading to moments of panic and concern.

In the viral footage, the artists and their security personnel were seen attempting to open the elevator doors, but their efforts were in vain as the lift continued to malfunction. Network connectivity issues hindered their attempts to call for immediate help, adding to the tension. However, after what felt like an eternity, the lights flickered back on, and the doors finally opened, allowing them to escape unharmed.

“Siku ya Leo mimi @juma_jux @fole_x na wenzetu kadhaa tumenusurika kifo kwenye Lifti…. Ndugu zangu wenye majengo marefu yenye kutumia lifti tujitahidi kuzifanyia serivices hizi lifti zetu ili kuepusha madhara kwa wananchi,” read the caption on Diamond’s post

Diamond Platinumz used the incident to emphasize the importance of regular maintenance for elevators in tall buildings to ensure the safety of occupants. The artist urged owners to prioritize responsible upkeep to prevent potential accidents.

Diamond Platnumz during the shoot of “KOLO KOLO”, a banger in collaboration with Patoranking

Dedication to Ex and Baby Mama, Zari Hassan

During a recent performance in Uganda, Diamond took a moment to talk about his ex and baby mama, Zari Hassan, before dedicating a song to her. Clad in an all-red outfit, the artist expressed his love for his children, Tiffah and Nillan, calling them his first kids. The crowd was enthralled as they sang along to the heartfelt dedication.

Diamond’s performance and dedication were met with emotional reactions from fans, showing that despite the challenges in his personal life, he remains dedicated to his family.

It is safe to conclude that Diamond Platnumz continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment scene, making headlines with his music, collaborations, and personal experiences. Despite facing accusations of copying Nigerian music, the Bongo star remains defiant and focused on his thriving career. With his upcoming collaborations with American artists, fans can look forward to more sensational music from this Tanzanian music icon. Additionally, his recent escapade in the malfunctioning elevator serves as a reminder of the importance of safety measures in tall buildings. Diamond’s dedication to his ex and baby mama, Zari Hassan, showcases a softer and heartfelt side to the superstar, resonating with his fans on a deeper level. As he continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Diamond Platnumz proves that he is truly a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.


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