Outbreak of Mysterious Illness Hits Ikonge PAG Girls

138 female students from Ikonge PAG Girls in Nyamira are currently receiving medical treatment at various healthcare facilities within Nyamira County due to the manifestation of symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and lower abdominal pains.

Out of the total affected students, 90 were admitted to Ekerenyo Subcounty Hospital, while 48 were taken to a nearby private healthcare center. Additionally, three students who did not respond to initial treatment were transferred to Nyamira County Referral Hospital for further medical care. The issue was reported in the morning, but some students mentioned that others had started feeling unwell the previous evening.

According to the Nyamira North Sub-County Education Director, Clare Oyula, the cause of the health problem remains unclear, but County Executive for Health, Dr. Timothy Ombati, suspects it may be linked to the consumption of contaminated food or water. To investigate the situation, a team of public health experts has been sent to the school in Ikonge Township.

During interviews with journalists, the affected girls revealed that all their peers who fell ill had consumed porridge for breakfast on Wednesday morning and experienced symptoms soon after.

Dr. Ombati assured parents that the situation was not overly concerning and that measures were being taken to safeguard the students from any further harm.

The health authorities are actively investigating the cause of the outbreak to prevent further cases and to ensure that appropriate measures are implemented to protect the students’ well-being.

It is important for the public to remain vigilant and follow updates from the health department while also cooperating with any guidelines issued to contain and manage the situation effectively. The affected students will continue to receive the necessary medical attention until they fully recover.


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