Diamond Platnumz Shatters Expectations With Unconventional Approach To Relationships

Renowned Tanzanian artist, Diamond Platnumz, has once again caused a stir in the entertainment world with his unorthodox views on relationships. During a recent press conference in Kampala, Uganda, the Bongo Flava star made headlines by hinting at his single status while emphasizing his entitlement to have multiple wives as a Muslim man.

Addressing journalists ahead of a charity comedy show, Diamond Platnumz candidly expressed, “I am a Muslim man entitled to four wives, but I don’t even have one right now. So, ladies, it’s up to you.” His remarks ignited a divided response from social media users and left many intrigued by his unconventional perspective.

Awath Juma: “Father of all nations, in him I trust.”

Mutembeya Daniel: “Platnumz wants to test all women in the world.”

Aisha Nakayiza: “Diamond needs to grow up..he even doesn’t know what he wants.”

As news of Diamond’s statement spread across various online platforms, social media erupted with a flurry of reactions. Some individuals interpreted his comments as a desire to explore relationships with numerous women, while others saw it as an opportunity for women to approach him. The artist’s enigmatic persona and penchant for controversy have only intensified the curiosity surrounding his love life.

Diamond Platnumz, a father of four, has had a history of high-profile relationships with multiple women, including Hamisa and Zari Hassan, resulting in much-publicized controversies and media scrutiny.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan with their kids

While his personal life often makes headlines, Diamond has also faced criticism for his alleged infidelity and lack of commitment.

In addition to his relationship revelations, Diamond recently made waves on social media with a viral video featuring a stunning video vixen, leading to speculation about his romantic involvement with her. However, the artist clarified that the video was part of a music shoot, dispelling any notions of a budding romance.

Moreover, Diamond Platnumz’s relationship with his former partner Zari Hassan has been a subject of interest for fans and followers. The artist addressed their co-parenting dynamics during the press conference, revealing that he and Zari maintain a respectful and professional relationship for the sake of their children. Diamond expressed his commitment to ensuring their kids’ well-being and emphasised that he does not want them to be burdened by the separation, as he personally experienced the stress of seeing his parents apart during his childhood.

Diamond’s comments about Zari and their children stirred further discussion about the status of their relationship.

“Me and her are just co-parenting and we respect each other. As you know everybody has a partner, so there’s nothing going on… I think we try to be more modern, urban but we don’t want to entertain negativity when it comes to our kids. We try to make it more professional. That’s why when you see our kids around us, they are more comfortable….We don’t want to stress our kids. Sometimes we don’t even want to show them, especially for me, I don’t even show my kids if I’m dating or something. They think I’m still dating their mother,” he said.

While Diamond expressed his love for Zari and his desire to make things work, Zari has remained cryptic on social media, hinting at lingering resentment towards the artist.

“I don’t want u, I’m not obsessed (with) u, matter of fact it’s the opp (you are obsessed with me, u can’t seem to replace me). U will come running like a cheetah if I called u back. I’m only reasonable for respect sake. For the sake of the kids.” wrote Zari

Zari Hassan

“U only hear from me when its kids fees that you pay annually (and I appreciate you for that.) Emotional support, medical, sleepless nights to mention a few is all one. Stop putting me situations with low life wh*res for clout. I’ve noticed u live for clout, without it, u can’t breathe…” read part of her post.

It remains to be seen whether their efforts to co-parent will lead to a reconciliation or if they will continue on separate paths.

Amidst the ongoing speculation about his personal life, Diamond Platnumz has also made headlines for his musical endeavors. The artist recently collaborated with Kenyan pop star Nameless in a charity fundraising concert held in Kampala. The event garnered significant attention and highlighted Diamond’s enduring popularity across East Africa.

Diamond’s musical journey has been punctuated by numerous successes and controversies, cementing his status as one of Africa’s most influential and polarising artists. With his knack for captivating audiences, Diamond continues to push boundaries and challenge societal norms, both in his personal life and his artistic pursuits.

As the Tanzanian superstar navigates the complexities of fame, relationships, and parenthood, his every move is met with intense scrutiny and speculation.

Diamond Platnumz with one of his recent conquests, Zuchu

Diamond Platnumz remains an enigmatic figure, capable of eliciting strong reactions and dividing opinions. Fans eagerly await his next musical release and the possibility of further insights into his eventful life.

In an industry where artists often conform to societal expectations, Diamond Platnumz stands out as an unapologetically unconventional force, never shying away from expressing his beliefs and desires.

Diamond Platnumz

Love him or loathe him, one thing is certain—Diamond Platnumz is a captivating figure who continues to dominate the spotlight and keep us all guessing.


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