Saumu Mbuvi, Mike Sonko’s Daughter Excited and Optimistic About Her Appointment Into The Machakos County Government

Saumu Mbuvi, the daughter of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, has taken on a new role as the Machakos State Chair for the Anti-Gender Based Violence wing of the All Ladies League. This appointment aligns with Saumu’s passion for empowering women and addressing mental health issues, which she holds dear due to her personal experiences as a survivor of gender-based violence.

Expressing her elation and gratitude, Saumu shared the news on her Instagram account, where she posted a heartfelt caption outlining her vision and responsibilities in her new position.

“I am dedicated to creating programs that address mental health, empowerment, and mentoring, incorporating the principles of positive psychology” read her Twitter post in part.

Her appointment signifies a significant opportunity for her to advocate for change and make a positive impact in society.

As a mental health champion, Saumu is determined to create programs that address mental health, empowerment, and mentoring, incorporating the principles of positive psychology. Her own experiences as a survivor fuel her determination to support and uplift women facing similar situations.

Saumu Mbuvi with her daughters

“I am a survivor of gender-based violence and this fuels my determination to support and uplift women who find themselves in similar situations” she added

With her new role, she aims to provide a platform for raising awareness about gender-based violence and implementing effective strategies to combat it.

The announcement of Saumu’s appointment garnered positive reactions from netizens, with many congratulating her and expressing their desire to join her cause. Some even suggested that she could become the next governor, highlighting the admiration and support she has gained.

youngbrixy_: “Congratulations, our next Governor.” berylowino2017: “Congratulations, can I join this worthy course?” read some of the comments on her update

In a recent social media Q&A session, Saumu disclosed her intention to run for a political seat in the upcoming 2027 general elections. Following in her father’s footsteps, she aims to bring about positive change in politics and make a difference in society.

“I will definitely try my best and; let God do the rest. 2027 lazima tukuwe kwa ballots!” exclaimed the young budding entrepreneur

She emphasised the importance of youth taking matters into their own hands to bring about the change they want to see.

Saumu Mbuvi

“As youths we must take matters affecting us in our own hands and implement the change we want to see,” added the soon to be entrepreneur,  Saumu while replying to the netizen.

Her commitment to youth empowerment and her belief in taking matters into their own hands to create the change they desire resonated with her followers.

Saumu’s journey has been characterized by struggles and triumphs, and her recent appointment further showcases her dedication to empowering women and addressing mental health issues. Her resilience and determination continue to drive her towards greater accomplishments, and her foray into politics is seen as a natural progression for someone who is passionate about making a difference.

As Saumu Mbuvi embarks on this new chapter, it is clear that her commitment to uplifting women, addressing mental health, and advocating for change will guide her actions. Her appointment as the Machakos State Chair provides a platform for her to amplify her voice and work towards building a safer and more inclusive society.


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