“Unajua London Iko Side Gani?”, Jua Cali Claps Back At A Fan Who Criticized His Music

Jua Cali, a member of the Gengetone label, has hit back a social media user who criticized him for making jokes about the comedy business.
The Kwaheri hitmaker clapped back at a supporter named Shiko Tyres who advised him to keep quiet, refrain from making negative remarks about comedians, and instead stay in his zone because his music is simply thrash and not up to par.

The artist cut to size the fan by uploading a video of him performing in a concert in London a few weeks ago as rather evidence of his music relevancy . In the video, the performer showed a packed audience cheering him on, asking the fan if he knew where London was, in the caption.
These are the last few weeks in London; wewe unajua ataLondon iko side gani” captioned Jua Cali.

The artist had commented that the actor was not in any way funny, a comment that lit up social media to the artist being criticized for his music and his unwelcome comments.


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