Edwin Sifuna Throws A jibe at Rigathi Gachagua, Says He is Constitutionally Illiterate

Nairobi County senator Edwin Sifuna has the Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua, the second in command, a constitutional illiterate who does not grasp concepts like delegated sovereignty.

In a tweet shared on his official social media platforms, the ODM secretary General was responding to Gachagua’s comments over the weekend that it was not possible for Azimio La Umoja coalition to oust a sitting President using the 10 million signatures alleged by the opposition. 

The Lawyer called on the Deputy President not to indulge in matters he does not understand because, at one given time, during his swearing in, he could not get his oath of office right.

“No one expects Gachagua to grasp complex constitutional concepts like delegated sovereignty when he couldn’t even get his oath of office right.”  Said Sifuna

According to Sifuna, they will stop interpreting constitutional jargon to the members of Kenya Kwanza, who, based on his comments, are illiterates.

“Going forward, we are not going to explain anything to these constitutional illiterates. Sisi tukielewa tunasonga” Sifuna added.


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