“I have survived an Assasination Attempt.” ~ Raila Odinga

Leader of the Azimio La Umoja party Raila Odinga has claimed that he was the target of an assassination attempt after his security car was shot at while making it’s way to the CBD.
The former prime minister led his thousands of followers to a rally in Kamukunji before moving to the CBD to protest the exorbitant cost of living increases and other requests made by the opposition to Ruto’s rule

Raila Odinga’s vehicle was damaged by the anti riot police.

Odinga claimed that despite having the legal right to picket and demonstrate, the police used disproportionate force to frustrate their plans by spraying tear gas and live ammunition at their vehicles,In response to the police’s interference with a peaceful demonstration.

He stated that nationwide protests to demand that the government lower living costs will begin with another major gathering on Wednesday of the following week. Additionally, Odinga vowed to create an independent electoral body should the Kwanza regime in Kenya move on with the reorganization of the IEBC without consulting them


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