Pritty Vishy Castigates Stivo Simple Boy’s Inability To Voice His Woes

Socialite and influencer Pritty Vishy has reprimanded her ex-boyfriend, Stivo Simple Boy, for his inability to stand for his rights after being mistreated by his management.

Vishy enquired how a 33 years old man couldn’t air his grievances as he leaned on a woman to fight his battles. The upcoming artist termed herself lucky for quiting the relationship. She revealed that she got exhausted of voicing the Kibera artist’s grievances to the public and instead used that opportunity to grow herself and her career.

“I thank God I decided to walk out and used the energy to grow myself. Wadau saa hii ningekua naimba kwa bloggers ooh management hii ingine ni mbaya tena. I learnt the hard way if a man can’t stand for himself, don’t do it for him. It’s not worth it. Mwanaume wa 33 years anasaidiwa kuongea na mwanamke because he doesn’t know how to speak for himself,” Vishy’s insta story read.

In yet another post, the influencer threw jabs to the singer for never appreciating her efforts when she voiced her woes. Vishy claimed that Kenyans didn’t note how she went through a rough time while fighting for Stivo’s rights yet they are always quick to judge and refer to her as the “bitter ex”.

Vishy’s castigation comes days after Stivo’s wife, Grace Atieno, engaged in an interview with bloggers and disclosed that her hubby was facing financial constraints amid wrangles with his management, Men In Business (MIB). Atieno implied that Stivo is too gentle and very timid hence his inability to throw back some blows. The newly wedded babe also revealed that the “Mihadarati” hitmaker was still going through difficult times way before he married her.


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