Akothee Reveals Shocking Details On Her Relationship With The Governor Of Migori County

Vocal artist Esther Akoth alias Akothee has revealed new details on her association with the Governor of Migori County, George Ochilo Ayacko.

In everyone’s surprise, Akothee announced that Ayacko is his brother although she has never revealed the information to the public. The mother of five confirmed that the county chief through his wife, surprised her with a giant gift on her historical Easter holiday wedding. She also revealed that the Migori Governor have already validated her union with her Swiss sweetheart, Dennis Schweitzer aka Omosh.

“Yes ,My brother is finally happy that I am Off the market His Excellency Dr George Ochilo Ayacko Migori Govonor. Yaani sijawahi kuwaambia My bro is A Govonor na hata siringi imagine 🤣🤣🤣🤣He sent us A gift on our wedding day ,and His beautiful wife presented it to us . It was a big envelope ✉️ so usinione hivi ,ndugu yangu ni Govonor 🤣🤣🤣
Sawa from today
Call me nyargi Ochilo
Tuheshimiane,” the Facebook caption read in part.

A few weeks ago, Mrs Schweitzer during one of the shows at NRG radio, spilled the beans to her fans on the reasons behind her fallout with some of her relatives. The artist indicated that she hasn’t been in good terms with her sister, Cebbie Koks and some of the brothers as well as extended family members due to their jealousy and taking sides with her sister.

The no-nonsense singer turned philanthropist implied that the beef started when she turned wealthier than most of her relatives. After Akothee announced her Easter holiday wedding, one of her uncles insinuated that she was competing with Koks after she married her lawyer hubby in December, 2022. The Akothee Safaris founder disclosed that this was one of the main reasons his relatives were against her wedding.


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