Akothee: I Was Waiting For My Sister To Apologize For Hurting Me But She Never Did

Madam boss aka Akothee has once again revisited the beef that had stroke her family pushing a number of her family members away from her. She narrated this accompanied by her swiss husband Mr. Omosh, in an interview with Presenter Ali at the airport when they landed from their honeymoon.

The recently wedded mother of five emotionally recounted how her known beef with her younger sister Cebbie Koks has never been her making, saying that Cebbie has always been the one crossing her line and then play victim to evade accountability of her actions.

The musician further revealed how the bad blood in her family almost ruined her wedding as some her siblings tried stoping her dad from attending her big day. She expressed disappointment in her siblings who she insinuated were traitors since they switched up on her after enjoying generous financial support from her that led a lot of them to stability.

After supporting my family, almost all of them…They are now ganging against me since they are now stable they don’t need Akothee.”She said.

“My dad is my number one fan and he would come to all my events. On my wedding day, you can hear how hoarse my voice was.We had some issues as my dad was being denied a chance to come and witness my wedding.I never asked for anything. My brothers never contacted me even when I lost my pregnancy.Even on Whatsapp, my siblings refused for my dad not to come to my wedding. The group has my step-siblings who we do not get along with and I do not know why.”She added.

“My younger sister is always the one crossing my line, I have waited for her to apologize but she never does.” She said.

Asked about why she did not attend Cebbie’s wedding, Akothee said it was impossible for her since they had not talked things out at that time.

“She invited me to her wedding but we did not clear our baggage and we never got any closer. I just wanted her to say she was sorry and the beef would have ended there. There is no way I could bring myself to a table I wasn’t invited.” She said.

However, the Akothee Safaris CEO has expressed zero plans to try be the bigger person for the sake of restoration of a good relationship with her sister and other siblings as she seems to have already made up her mind that she is better off alone and that she will not need them even in death.

“I started detaching, I told them to let me be buried by the State in case I die.”She said.

The beef between Akothee and Cebbie escalated when they did not attend each other’s wedding, sending tongues wagging.


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