Government Scrutiny: Senators Assess Ban on Ugandan Milk

Senators have initiated an investigation into the increasing presence of dairy products from neighboring Uganda. The lawmakers have tasked the Committee on Trade, Industrialization, and Tourism with conducting the probe, aiming to determine whether the temporary ban imposed by the Kenya Dairy Board on milk from Uganda will benefit Kenyan milk producers and farmers.

Senator Karungo Thangw’a from Kiambu has called upon the government to outline the measures that will be implemented to ensure a comparative advantage in dairy product production, thereby averting what appears to be competition between Uganda and Kenya. Thangw’a expressed concern that the influx of Ugandan milk is negatively impacting the local dairy sector, particularly the Githunguri Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society Limited, which is the third largest dairy cooperative in the country. He urged the committee to ascertain whether adequate regulations have been formulated and enforced to safeguard the Githunguri Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society’s Fresha milk brands, as well as other dairy entities, from unfair competition posed by neighboring countries.

Furthermore, the senator has requested an explanation from the government regarding the measures taken to guarantee a minimum price for milk sales in Kenya, given the existing trade agreements between Kenya and Uganda. This inquiry follows allegations made by dairy processors from Uganda on May 17, accusing the Kenyan government of impeding their ability to export dairy products by reducing the issuance of export permits for Ugandan powdered milk.

The investigation launched by the senators aims to shed light on the implications of the ban on Ugandan milk imports and assess whether it will indeed benefit Kenyan milk producers and farmers. Additionally, the government’s responsibility in protecting the local dairy sector from unfair competition and ensuring the implementation of trade agreements will be examined.


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