CS Bore and MP Muriu Clash Over Mansion Sale

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has scheduled a meeting for Monday with Labour Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore and Gatanga MP Edward Muriu to address the ongoing dispute surrounding the Ksh 120 million Karen Mansion. Muriu expressed his hope that the meeting would help resolve the escalating conflict, which has become increasingly problematic.

During a media interview on Sunday, Muriu stated, “Tomorrow, I have a meeting with the deputy president so that he can be informed about how he is embarrassing the Kenyan government, especially the First Lady.” His remarks were made in response to allegations made by CS Bore that she had reached an agreement with the UDA MP to purchase the house, paying 10 percent of the total amount, equivalent to Ksh 90 million.

In a statement released on Sunday, Bore accused Muriu of breaching the agreement after receiving a higher offer of Ksh 120 million from another interested buyer. Bore explained, “I fulfilled my part of the agreement by signing it and sending it to the vendor’s lawyers through my own legal representatives, who acknowledged receipt of the signed agreement.”

Muriu, in response, challenged CS Bore to provide any documentation proving the existence of their agreement for the sale of the house. He also demanded that she produce receipts for any payments made to him as the initial installment for purchasing the property. Additionally, Muriu gave Bore until Tuesday, June 20, 2023, to vacate the house, threatening to initiate legal proceedings to declare her unfit for office.


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