Embarambamba Calls Out Jalang’o Over Content Creation Tax Remarks

Controversial Kisii gospel singer Christopher Mosioma, well known by his stage name, Embarambamba has blasted Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o over his stance on the debate about 15% taxation of content creators. Jalang’o had posted a video on his YouTube explaining how he is unable to defend the content creators against taxation since they have overtime been seen living extravagantly online.

In the video, Jalang’o urged content creators to amicably embrace the tax proposal on them so as to ease an establishment of a mutually beneficial agreement between them and the Government.

“You people brought this to yourself and I’m not lying to you, the government will not relent. What we need to do is come together and ask ourselves how much we are willing to pay or how do we tell them that maybe sometimes we are just flossing,” Jalang’o said, citing Mungai Eve and Erick Omondi as among YouTubers earning big from content creation.

Just like the majority of content creators, the singer who is associated with extremely crazy dance moves in his video songs do not share the same perspective as that of the lawmaker as he is in strong opposition of the Government’s tax imposition on content creators. Embarambamba said that he does not earn any money from content creation.

“I saw Eric Omondi and Jalang’o commenting on content creation taxation. However, one should not just speak or air their views to please the president. Don’t just talk because your content is being consumed online and you earn a living from that. Some of us don’t get money from creating content,” Embarambamba said.

Embarambamba in his music videos

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