Amina Khalef Implores Hubby Alikiba To Sign Divorce Papers

Amina Khalef, wife to Tanzanian Bongo star Alikiba, is demanding divorce from the artist months after living separately as a couple. Amina filed for the divorce in 2022 after four years of alleged misery in their union.

A rant post shared by the mother of two on Thursday indicated that she needed to address the issue as she was fed up by Kings Music CEO disrespecting her in public. Amina revealed that no one ever understood the pain of her situation and the frustration she was experiencing. She noted that Alikiba have caged her in the tag of “someone’s wife” yet he continued to enjoy his life.

“Nimeona kuna haja ya kuaddress, I think hii inaenda kuwa too much!!! I am tired of being disrespected publicly huku watu wakiwa hawaelewi situation iliyopo’ katika kivuli cha MKE WA MTU!!!”,the Instagram post read in part.

The frustrated lady further revealed that the genesis of their divorce was triggered by immense pain caused by the artist as well as abuse. Amina indicated that Alikiba refused to sign the divorce papers as his intentions were only to protect his brand. She pleaded with the artist to sign the divorce papers as they all needed freedom from each other.

“Nimeondoka kwenye maisha yako kuepuka maumivu, abuse na mengi, lakini mpaka leo HUTAKI kunipatia Divorce huku wewe ukiwa huru kufanya mambo yako na mimi ukinifunga katika kivuli cha MKE WA MTU, (In the name of Kulinda Brand as you said), Kindly nakuomba SIGN THE PAPERS ili nipate Divorce yangu kila mmoja aendelee kwa uhuru, Asante!,” the mother of two lamented.

Amina’s sudden outburst may have been catalyzed by the recent viral video of King Kiba getting cozy with businesswoman, Niffer. Things didn’t end at that as “Mahaba” hitmaker took it a step further to follow Niffer on Instagram something that have raised more questions as the pair is speculated to be in a relationship. The businesswoman has been in the front line in promoting the artist’s upcoming charity tournament.


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