Manzi Wa Kibera Reunites With Oldster Boyfriend

Socialite Sheriffa Wambui popularly known as Manzi wa Kibera and her 67-year-old boyfriend, Samuel Nzuki Ndunda alias Fundi Kijana, have finally reunited after a dramatic fallout.

The duo reconciled during an interview with You Tuber Nicholas Kioko where the socialite asked her oldster boyfriend to forgive her for the mischieve she had caused. The granny interrupted his sweetheart as he confirmed he had already forgiven her provided the socialite doesn’t repeat the same mistake in future.

“I’m very sorry for kila kitu nisamehe,” Manzi wa Kibera said.

The pair later embraced each other warmly as they promised to love and support one another. They also reminded their trollers that age is just a number as it’s of no concern to them. Additionally, the couple dismissed claims that their dramatic breakup was just a stunt to gain relevance and more attention from the public.

“Mapenzi back to loving each other si clout. Back to loving each other and supporting each other, age is just a number and dramas are there in a relationship,” the socialite affirmed.

The Kibera socialite further revealed that their fallout was hotspotted by the old folk’s habit of carelessly spending on women. Manzi wa Kibera made it clear that she has always detested the habit and the oldster should amend his behaviors.

Few days ago, Ndunda ranted as he allegedly stated that Manzi Wa Kibera decided to breakup with him after he ran broke. He also claimed that the socialite had disappeared with his title deed where he pleaded with her to return it. However, netizens have continued to speculate that the whole relationship saga was just clout chasing.


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