2023 is Akothee’s Year of Favour, Her Next International Event Looms

This year is in deed Akothee’s year of glory. Arguably, she will live to love rereading every chapter that history has given her this year 2023.

It all began with a public poster, re-affirming her plans to permanently erase her name from the book of single women. That was the time she announced underway wedding intentions.

April being a fools month, majority thought Akothee came with a tsunami of clout to chase but unfortunately, she turned fool’s day into truthful month and eventually tied the knot with her fellow lovebird Omosh Schweizer, in a grand wedding held at Windsor Hotel in Nairobi.

Just a few days before flying out for her honeymoon, the singer caught herself in a situation of dilemma, confused on what to do first between going for honeymoon and attending daughter’s graduation. It turned all smiles as her daughter eventually bagged in professional paper closing a chapter of education in her life.

Later, Akothee got privileged to surround the table of discussion having honoured appointment as a director in the board of Creative Technical Committee under the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts in the Kenya.

Here, her endless efforts in the creative industry earned her favor among a long list of other potential content creators.

It was until then, that she ate all patience in her store. She then had no option left further, except for setting her journey off to honeymoon. From part of gallery that she flaunted to the public domain, one could tell that it has been overflowing merry moment for the artist.

Not only did she have time to explore the globe but she also grabbed the chance by her forefingers, to showcase love and intimacy to her one and only man.

Photo|File: Akothee During Honeymoon

This June, the singer’s joyful moods even broadened as her two ‘seedlings’ made significant steps in their lives.

“The Queen of my heart . The one who broke my Borns ,my role model and copy ,the god mother to my kids HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” read in part her post, dated Sunday June, 11, 2023 while celebrating another daughter for completing studies.

This event sequentially followed another, where Akothee shared a picture of herself and her son Oyoo together with her baby daddy, at an event celebrating their son Oyoo for making a significant religious step in his life. Akothee’s son got baptized in catholic despite her mother being a staunch SDA member.

Photo|File: Akothee together with Baby daddy, During Their son’s Baptismal Day

However, these remarkable happenings seem endless along Akothee’s way. She continues to smile locally and internationally, across all forms of her network.

Come September 1st, 2023, the singer is expected to show up in a 2-day event baptized as ‘One Love Africa Musical Festival,’ scheduled take place at Roda Sten Gothenburg located in Sweden

What’s next again for the artist as his 2023 book continues to receive inks?


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