Raila Odinga’s Eventful Week: Football, Opposition Duties, and Criticisms

Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio party, had a busy week engaging in various activities. On Sunday, he attended a football match between Gor Mahia and Ulinzi Stars, praising Gor Mahia for their victory and reclaiming the top spot in the Kenyan Premier League. The following day, Raila returned to his role as the opposition chief, accusing the government of planning to revive the Mungiki movement during a press briefing. He expressed concerns about the profiling and vilification of young people from the Mt Kenya region and emphasized the need for employment opportunities to prevent them from turning to alcohol and substance abuse. Raila also challenged Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to reveal his father’s service number in the pre-colonial Mau Mau movement, questioning Gachagua’s claims of being a son of Mau Mau fighters.

On Wednesday, Raila announced the impending resumption of weekly protests, citing the government’s failure to address grievances and reduce the cost of living. He met with members of the Gusii Community living in Nairobi to discuss these issues. Raila also disputed President Ruto’s statements about the state of the National Treasury, attributing the cash crunch to economic mismanagement, wasteful spending, corruption, and the hiring of incompetent personnel. He called on the President to withdraw the Finance Bill 2023 and apologize to Kenyans. Raila emphasized that the opposition would vote against any tax increases and pledged to regroup and counter Ruto’s actions if necessary.

Raila Odinga’s week included attending a football match, addressing concerns about the Mungiki movement, challenging Gachagua’s claims, announcing the resumption of protests, and criticizing the government’s economic management.


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